Halcyon (HAL-SEE-ON) Hills Photography was founded in September 2010 to serve the real estate and related markets in York County, SC, with high-resolution, high-quality photography of properties and locales.

In 2012, we added portrait and event photography, offering professional lighting and high-quality retouching to create images suitable for display anyplace in your home.  As an extension of that, we provide high quality business headshots, we have an absolutely AWESOME high school senior model program, we work in the fashion industry (through our sister brand, Don Porter Photography) and we have a thriving scan-and-repair business to help recover older, precious photos of your loved ones.

In 2014, we began operations in our studio in downtown Fort Mill, SC.  When this 1920-era historical building was sold, we moved within Fort Mill, and in Dec. 2018 found our current home at 1510 East Main St. in Rock Hill, SC, about 1/2 mile toward Rock Hill from exit 77 on I-77.  We also work on location, and there are many nearby outdoor spaces, both natural and urban, where we can take clients for different experiences.

As part of our services, we provide makeup artists and hair stylists on request.

Meet Don

Halcyon Hills Photography is owned and operated by me, Don Duncan.  After getting a PhD in chemistry from MIT and several years in the ink and color industry, I started this photography business – But I’ve been a  photographer for all my adult life (if you consider college years as “adult”).

I have the experience and the equipment to help you tell your story.  Plus, I’ve had a lot of experience in being part of a high-customer-service organization – I’ve taken these learnings to heart.  Halcyon Hills is completely committed to being easy to work with.

Halcyon Hills Photography is local, capable, skilled, fast and committed to the highest standards of quality and of customer service.  Please call 803-984-6515 or email don@halcyonhillsphoto.com for more information.

The name of the company is meant to convey a peaceful and stress-free message consistent with high service and customer satisfaction.  The halcyon is a mythical bird famous for stilling troubled waters.